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With our UT-90 and UT-70 blinds, we ensure that you can enjoy perfect sun protection system quality from the moment of installation onwards. No matter what the weather is – sunny, windy, rainy or hot – with our products you are always on the bright side of life.
Our blinds provide full protection from the sun, and are resistant to rust and extreme weather conditions. You can adjust the blades to your personal needs, regulate gradient of sun-illumination and ensure appropriate brightness in the room at any time of the day. With their adjustable angling, they allow you to see the outside world very freely while shielding you from outside observers.
The blades are made from special layers of aluminum, which are resistant to rust and UV sunrays. Every aspect of out blinds was tested for resistance in a wind canal, proving them to be long lasting even with extreme weather conditions.

Lamellar blinds UT-90 / UT-70
Sun and weather protection - a must-have for home and office 

Over the past years, the demands for sun protection have increased significantly. Large glass fronts have become a self-evident feature in office buildings, and private homes offer more and more access to sun light through numerous windows and the ever-popular winter garden – but also the heat, the cold and the occasional passerby’s glance find their way into the rooms.

Proper sun protection therefore must fulfill many and various demands: Offer shade during the day, keep the rooms cool during summer, help reduce heating costs in winter, and curb prying eyes. And finally, it is intended to emphasize and accommodate the aesthetics of any building’s façade design. A customized solution can be found for nearly every façade and request. The plentiful choice of colors and designs enable customization to every taste. And due to their paramount quality, you can rely on the durability of our products through wind and weather.

The lamellar blinds UT-90 / UT-70

The lamellar blind types UT-90 and UT 70 guarantee convincing quality of your new sun protection system from the first installment on for many more years. Be it sun, wind, rain or heat, the lamellar blinds UT-90 / UT 70 offer the best protection no matter the weather. The blinds are rust resistant and withstand even extreme weather conditions. The blades adjust to any angle and ensure proper light intensity in the room any time of the day.

They protect against prying eyes from the outside, while allowing a virtually unobstructed view from the inside out. The blades are made with specially coated aluminum, making them corrosion-resistant and impermeable against harmful UV-rays. The entire structure of lamellar blinds has been tested in a wind tunnel, withstanding the most extreme weather conditions.

UT-90/UT-70 - the advantages
  • They are long-lasting, user-friendly and top-quality products
  • Only materials of the best and most innovative quality are used for their production
  • Smooth adjustment of blades positions
  • Smooth regulation of brightness and multiple dimming levels
  • Wind and weather resistant steering knob and sealing labium
  • Very high comfort in adjusting the blinds to individual needs
  • Blades available in 90mm as well as 70mm width
  • Produced according to the newest modern techniques

Sun protection of paramount quality

The lamellar blinds obstruct 60-80% of the harmful UV rays on the outside of the window, reflecting them in dependence of the blades’ position and color. Due to the space between the blinds and the glass air can circulate, and ultimately heat accumulation can be avoided. The aluminum blades reflect the sunlight according to the chosen position any time of the day – custom-made wellbeing.

Elegant and aesthetic 

The elegant blinds profile of your choice assures aesthetic facades. The compound structure of the blades, including specialized attenuation profiles, and flexible alignment possibilities provide for adaptable dimming. The lamellar blinds UT-90 and UT-70 convince not only through SwissProBlinds’ competitive price-performance ratio, but also through their versatility. 

The sense of luxury and quality of life

The operation can be controlled through a compact electronic motor integrated in the top slat. Maximum profit can be achieved by utilizing the automatic sun- and time-regulation, as well as the remote control for comfortable management.

We care for the details

We aspire to continuously improve our products and services for your benefit. By integrating our suppliers in the production process and guarantee proximity to our customers, we aim to provide optimal information transparency. These policies not only enhance our service but also warrant higher satisfaction for our clients.

Please feel free to browse our products or contact us in case of any questions. We look forward to advise and council you in your search for the perfect sun protection.

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