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About us

Based in Zürich, SWISSPROBLINDS is a Swiss company directed at complementing the Indian market with lamellar blinds.

The Swiss product insures premium quality and design, and we have made it our purpose to support you in making your building energy and cost efficient through our innovative exterior lamellar blinds. Our duty to our clients is to make the transition into sustainability easier – our services include professional, on-site consultation, customized production and installation and quality guarantees.

Professional guidance and excellent quality are only two of many reasons for choosing SWISSPROBLINDS as your trusted partner...

  • SWISSPROBLINDS offers very competitive conditions not only in terms of price but also in terms of product quality;
  • SWISSPROBLINDS aims to bring new products to the market through cooperating only with the best partners available;
  • SWISSPROBLINDS offers competitive prices for both motorized radio-controlled blinds and crank handled blinds.

SWISSPROBLINDS - Quality that convinces...

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